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SVIP -VIP Mod- - Version v2.0

posted on 2006-10-20 18:58:33
by sn4k3


Tags: css models vip


Old school Counter-Strike players will remember a gameplay mode called "assasination mode" that randomly changed a member of the CT team into a VIP. The VIP player was only allowed the pistol he spawned with as his weapon. But, he also spawned with 200 armor. The misson in this game play style was simple: "Protect The VIP Team!". The CT's were to escort the VIP to a rescue zone to win the round. The terrorists objective was to kill the VIP. If they did, the round ended no matter how many other CT's were alive. This game play mode, maybe more so than any other, demanded team play and co-operation. It was exciting to play and was a dream for those of you in to tactics and stategies. Unfortunately this game play mode died when Counter-Strike: Source was released. Valve Software didn't include it in the "Direct Port" of Counter-Strike to Counter-Strike: Source. [color=red][b]Assassination maps (as_):[/b][/color] [url=]Assassination Maps @ FPSBanana[/url] [color=red]Say Commands[/color] [color=green]setzone[/color] -> Set an zone in current player location (Need Alive) (Need Admin) Syntax: setzone Zone(1-4) [color=red]Rcon Commands[/color] [color=green]svip_reload_admins[/color] -> Reload all admins. [color=green]svip_print_admins[/color] -> Print all admins. [b][color=red]Translations[/color][/b] Please if you can contribute/help giving/fixing translations for your language it will be great File: [b]addons/eventscripts/svip/data/language.ini[/b]


METOD 1: Manual Download Download and Extract all files/folders inside the zip file to cstrike/ folder Add the following line in cfg/autoexec.cfg: es_load svip METOD 2: Automatic Download and Extraction Send a rcon command to server: es_install svip if no works try METOD 1 Explore and configure the SVIP settings: addons/eventscripts/svip/cfg/

Version Notes For v2.0

Updated on: 2008-08-09 22:08:15 EST by sn4k3 (View Zip Contents)
Converted to python Added a new model Added Multi Language support Added more cvars to configure VIP Added allow to change VIP model Added allow set 4 rescue zones (MAX) Fix all bugs

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