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SCTF -Capture The Flag- - Version v2.0

posted on 2006-10-04 16:06:29
by sn4k3



SCTF allow have an Capture the Flag gameplay like UT2004 or others. You can make your own classes, diferent classes for each team with diferent weapons, ammo, speed, health, names, and models [color=red]Say Commands[/color] [color=green]flagstats[/color] -> See Your Currents Stats [color=green]class[/color] -> Choose Your Class (Need Alive) [color=green]setflag[/color] -> change Flag position (Need Admin) (Need Alive) [color=red]Rcon Commands[/color] [color=green]sctf_reload_admins[/color] -> Reload all admins. [color=green]sctf_print_admins[/color] -> Print all admins. [color=green]sctf_set_timeleft[/color] -> Set timeleft for game end (SCTF Clock). [color=green]sctf_set_scorelimit[/color] -> Set score limit for game (Flag Score). [color=green]sctf_print_classes[/color] -> Print all classes. [color=green]sctf_clean_classes[/color] -> Removes all classes. [color=green]sctf_add_class[/color] -> Add a new class to game.


Download and Extract all files/folders inside the zip file to cstrike/ folder Add [b]es_load sctf[/b] in cfg/autoexec.cfg Explore and configure the SCTF settings: [b]addons/eventscripts/sctf/cfg/[/b]

Version Notes For v2.0

Updated on: 2009-11-28 12:19:37 EST by sn4k3 (View Zip Contents)
fixed some server crashs fixed stats would lag server fixed round can end when it shouldn't fixed some linux servers not load SCTF because sqlite rewrite many code

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