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SAS_ZombieMod and SAS_ZombieSvr - UPDATED 22/11/07

posted on 2007-06-11 18:27:24
by Colster



Here is my Zombie Mod for DoD: Source I am including 2 different versions in the zip: [b]SAS_ZombieMod[/b] This is for standard DoD:S Servers where admins wish to enable the mod for a short period and be able to control which mode runs. Although I have also added a random start up where the plugin chooses which mode to run and will choose again for each successive round. [b]SAS_ZombieSvr[/b] This is intended for people running dedicated Zombie Servers so the plugin runs in the background all the time and will initiate a random mode when the player count goes above 5. It then counts the zombie's winning rounds and will change map when they go above a set number (zombie_winlimit). It will also revert to standard gameplay if the number of players drops below 5 at the end of a round. In both case, all players bar one are on one team (in this case, Allies), one player is chosen at random to be the Zombie and has to try and eliminate the Allies team. When he gets a kill, the dead player joins him and helps to kill off the remaining "human" players. Rounds are timed until all the Allies are dead, upon which the time taken is announced, the round restarted and another random player becomes the zombie. I have tried to add some new ideas to this though, drawing inspiration from an HL2 mod called "Hidden" - [url][/url] I have added another mode I call "The One", so this gives you two possible game types: [list] 1: Standard Zombie - 2/3 walking speed, only armed with spade (now in Red!), 10000 health and can only be killed by knife to the head 2: "The One" - Player is invisible but becomes visible when injured, can move at twice normal speed, has normal health and again only armed with a spade. [i] NOTE: The One can also be equipped with 2 pipe bombs[/i] [/list] Also when there is only one Allied player left, he gets beaconed for 5 seconds. I have included both versions and two player models for the zombie and for "The One" in the zip (credits go to Neil723 for the zombie skin and TheHolySaviourJesus for "The One") as well as some in game sounds. Changelog: 15/06/2007 - Fixed zombies being able to keep their weapons by dropping them as soon as they spawn. 19/06/2007 - Added feature to allow admins to choose whether pistol headshots can kill zombies. Disabled team wall and trigger hurts used for spawn protection. Added bomb target entity kill. 04/07/2007 - Major Release, lot of new features, plus a few minor bug fixes [list] [*]Allies can be set to spawn with just pistol and knife during Zombie Mode [*]New Info panel to show what settings the server is running [*]Allies can be set to spawn with more health during The One mode [*]Added round win and map end sounds [*]Added kill rewards so you get more health or ammo when you get a kill. [*]Added in game admin menu for changing settings on the fly. [*]Added option to balance more in favour of one mode or the other. [*]Added option to allow zombies to pick up a gun but they can only kill once with it [*]Added protection against allies spoofing the pistol/knife only setting [*]Zombies grunt and their spade turns green when they are low on health [*]Admin setting to reset any settings changed during map to default on map change or save them (ZombieSvr only) [/list] 01/09/2007 - Optimised code and [b] added slow motion death for final human kill - Looks very cool! :) [/b] 22/11/2007 - Added code to ensure the player that inflicts the fatal shot on the zombie actually gets the credit, also added "Finish Him!!" sound, blatantly stolen from Mortal Kombat