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SAS_ReserveSlots - Version 1.1.1

posted on 2007-08-20 09:16:58
by Colster


Updated to run as an addon with a new feature which allows admins to set a qualifying period during the day for regular players to qualify for a reserve slot for the rest of the day (Thanks to Hellstar for the idea/request) block config { es_xset max_plyrs 26 // Enter number of server player slots you have es_xset admin_announce 1 // 1 - Announces that a player is an admin es_xset allow_qualify 1 // Allow non admins to earn a reserve slot for a day by playing during a qualifying period es_xset start_hour 10 // Hour to allow qualifying to start from es_xset qualify_time 120 // Time in minutes to run qualifying period es_xset qualify_pass 45 // Minutes a player has to have played during qualifying period to gain a reserved slot } As before allows the use of es_admins_db.txt to give admins a reserve slot but addon version also creates a temporary list of qualifying regular players that will receive a slot for that day.

Version Notes For 1.1.1

Updated on: 2007-08-20 15:15:44 EST by Colster (View Zip Contents)
Fixed mathparse error

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