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One Weapon Mod for DoD Source - UPDATED 29/12/06

posted on 2006-03-26 04:34:02
by Colster

Tags: dods weapons


Here is my One Weapon Mod for DoD Source. It allows you to use Mani's RCON menu to switch all players to a single weapon or use the RCON Vote to start a vote for a specific mode. NOTE: Admins need to make sure they dont have flag "w" in their immunity list as this makes them immune to ma_give I have included some popular types but if you look through the code its easy enough to create your own. The standard ones are: Spades Only Pistols Only Bazookas Only - they get a knife too as you can only give 5 shells C96 Only Carbine Only PKN Mode (Pistols, Knives and Nades) Normal Mode (only changes the loadout on respawn for some "Last Man Standing fun" Players are all given a loadout of ammo at the start and they can get more ammo by injuring an enemy player (if you want to make it more of a challenge, change player_hurt to player_death, then you need a kill to restock your ammo) INSTALLATION: Copy the contents of the zip to your cfg/events directory and add this line to autoexec.cfg [quote="autoexec.cfg"] eventscripts_register SAS_OneWeaponMod [/quote] then this to cfg/mani_admin_plugin/rconlist.txt [quote="rconlist.txt"] "Pistolz Only" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_pistolz.cfg "C96 Only" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_c96.cfg "Carbine Only" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_carbine.cfg "Spades Only" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_spades.cfg "Zooks Only" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_bazooka.cfg "PKN Mode" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_pkn.cfg "Normal Mode" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_off.cfg [/quote] to enable voting add this to voterconlist.txt [quote="voterconlist.txt"] "Pistolz Fight?" "Shall we play Pistolz Only?" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_pistolz.cfg "C96 Only?" "Shall we play Mauser (C96) Only?" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_c96.cfg "Carbine Only?" "Shall we play Carbines Only?" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_carbine.cfg "Spades Only?" "Shall we play Spades Only?" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_spades.cfg "Zooks Only?" "Shall we play Bazookas Only?" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_bazooka.cfg "PKN Mode?" "Shall we play PKN Mode (Pistols, Knifes and Nades only)?" exec events/SAS_OneWeaponMod/owm_pkn.cfg [/quote] then restart your server. Props to Awuh0 and cladiron CHANGELOG: 28.03.06 - Updated to give more nades during pkn mode for kills, still get pistol ammo for injuring 31.03.06 - Edited to include starting votes for specific modes 05.06.06 - Edited to suit new Mani version (ma_give_all changed to ma_give #all) 31.08.06 - Edited to use Es_Tools to change weapons and give ammo 18.09.06 - Updated to use mattie rather then es_tools to remove weapons as this caused random crashes of the server for some people. Also turns my TK protection script off during spades only mode 29.12.06 - Small optional update which resets the round on first enabling a mode and also changes server name to reflect the mode being played