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Clan Match Manager for DoD:Source - UPDATED 26-03-07 ScreenShot


Clan Match Manager for DoD:Source - UPDATED 26-03-07

posted on 2006-03-20 20:47:05
by Colster

Tags: clan dods match


Mainly menu driven, it allows you to preconfigure your server ahead of the match and then save your settings to the server's hard drive for later use, although its very quick to setup a match for those spur of the moment "oh, our server crashed can we use yours?" moments. The main menu is accessed by pulling down your console and typing [quote]!sasclanmatch[/quote] This brings up a menu where you can define whether you will play 2 maps or one, set clan tags for each team, time limit and maps to be played. This can all then be saved for later use or the match can be started immediately. [img][/img] On starting the match, all players on the server have the settings shown to them before the server switches to the first map, loads your match settings (class restrictions etc), starts Source TV and records a demo, changes server name to show match in progress and the teams tags and finally advises teams which side to join for first round. [img][/img] They then just need one player from each side to say "Ready" and the match will go live. [img][/img] At the end of the round the current score is shown and screenshots are taken for each player before the next map is loaded. [img][/img] At the end of the match, the final score is shown and the winner announced. [img][/img] INSTALLATION: Copy the contents of the zip into your cfg folder and add the following to your autoexec.cfg: [quote="autoexec.cfg"] eventscripts_register "SAS_ClanMatch" [/quote] The file events\SAS_ClanMatch\match_run\sasmatch.cfg contains all the match specfic settings that you can configure to suit your rules. To access the main menu pull down the console while in game and type: [quote] !sasclanmatch [/quote] Scores are saved in events/es_SAS_ClanMatch_db.txt should you need to retrieve them later and are only wiped on choosing START MATCH. 20/04/2006 - UPDATED: Updated to include: [list] Option to allow players to record client side demos Option to use 1.3 (European) scoring (set amount of points to give for a full cap) or Standard source scoring (1 point for a full cap plus tick points) Clans can set their clan tag so it appears on all menus/scoresheets (instead of [SAS]) [/list] 25/04/2006 - Update to include turning off Mani commands during match - tk protection, map votes etc - added cvar to allow admin to set password used during match - added some source tv settings 18/05/2006 - Small Update to suit new Mani version (ma_cexec_all command no longer used) 24/05/2006 - Corrected spelling error in hostname - added commands to turn off my scriptpacks if installed 13/06/2006 - Small fix to menu formatting 18/07/2006 - Small fix for 4 round matches 26/03/2007 - Small update to make using custom maps easier