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Round End Sound Names  ScreenShot

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Round End Sound Names - Version 1.2 Fix

posted on 2011-12-17 04:45:07
by dretax14


[b]This addon is a sound description. Names are Editable in the file. I made this addon for (RES) Round End Sound plugin : But you can use this for other addons too. All current sound names can be found in the addon. If you had enough from those player's who's asking "what's the name of the sound" then you have to download this addon. I will keep updated this plugin as i can ;) if its needed.[/b]


Upload to your addons folder Add es_load szamcimek to your autoexec.cfg or your server.cfg

Version Notes For 1.2 Fix

Updated on: 2013-11-02 07:20:42 EST by dretax14 (View Zip Contents)

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