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Quite Admin - Version 2.3

posted on 2007-08-17 23:00:34
by TanaToS


A small Admin menu with Ban, Kick, Map Change, Bot-management , Admin Stuff and Admin Skins(Admin Skins) Functions! es_qa_stuff_db.txt exampel for add stuff things [code]"qa_stuff" { "topmsg Tana" { "cmd" "es_topmsg #red Tana is a coding God" } }[/code] es_qa_download_db.txt exampel for add download! [code]"qa_download" { "qa_download" { "xx" "cfg/server.cfg" "xx" "sounds/lol.mp3" } }[/code]

Version Notes For 2.3

Updated on: 2007-08-19 09:33:21 EST by TanaToS (View Zip Contents)
from 1+ to 2.3 not so good

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