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QuickAdv - Version 1.1.3

posted on 2013-05-30 19:56:06
by Fridge


I would like to start out by saying, this is my very first plugin that I made. There's not much so say about this plugin. I made it in about an hour. [b]Things to do:[/b] 1. Install the plugin. 2. Make sure it works (Load it through your RCON console to see if it throws any errors: rcon es_load quickadv) 3. Configurate the advertisements. 4. (optional) Add some HTML colors to your advertisements: - Example [b]es.msg('#multi', '\x07FF0000Test')[/b] "Test" will show up as a red html color. In order to add another color than/then red, you have to type \x07 and the beginning, and then the color code (You can use to find your colors)


Extract "addons" from the .rar file into your main cstrike folder. Go to your cfg folder and add "es_load quickadv" to your autoexec.cfg Installation Done

Version Notes For 1.1.3

Updated on: 2013-05-31 06:55:09 EST by Fridge (View Zip Contents)
1.1.3 Changed the file from .rar -> .zip. This will allow more browsers, the ability to download. Thank you Ayuto for letting me know.

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