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Quake Hit Sounds - Version 1 Fixed

posted on 2010-06-15 15:02:55
by macshot

Tags: css hit quake sound


A simple plugin with Hit Sounds from Quake


1. Extract the zip file 2. Copy all files In the zip file should be these files! 1. addons/eventscripts/quake_hits/es_quake_hits.txt 2. sound/player/hitsounds/headshot.wav 3. sound/player/hitsounds/hit.wav 4. sound/player/hitsounds/hitteammate.wav 3. Load the plugin with es_load quake_hits 4. Have fun! ;)

Version Notes For 1 Fixed

Updated on: 2010-08-20 10:37:37 EST by macshot
Oh shit, i`ve made a terrible mistake in my first version. Here is now the fixed, and working, because i tried it, version of Quake Hit Sounds. It`s only the plugin, so the sounds you must download, from the later version. I apologize for the error, MacShot^^

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