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PrivateMail - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-01-21 15:50:53
by thekiller


[color=#FF0000]This is a remake of Lobe's PrivateMail which can be found [url=]Here[/url]. So all credits goto him[/color] [b]PrivateMail[/b] Current version: 1.1 [b]What is PrivateMail[/b] PrivateMail is a addon script which allows users to send messages to eachother. It has several easy-to-use commands, and requires only the SteamID of the person to send them a message! The message is displayed on the players HUD, making sure they dont miss it! [b]Why should you use it[/b] Well, PrivateMail is a lag-free script, which can be very handy when contacting server admins. It is better than some other scripts which send a chat-based messages which can be easily missed. [b]What are the commands[/b] The commands are simple to use. They are issued through the console in the following syntax: pm_create "[PLAYER STEAMID]" "[MESSAGE]" This command will send a PM to the steamID. Note: SteamID AND message must be wrapped in "" marks. SteamID_LAN and Bots not supported. pm_help This command sends the help output to the console of the person needing help. [b]To install[/b] To install, just extract the .zip file to your cstrike folder (With the addons folder in it), and add es_load pm to your autoexec.cfg file. [b]Requires[/b] Requires now ONLY Eventscripts 2.0, no need for es_tools [b]What new features are comming[/b] Upcomming features will include the ability to block SteamID's from sending you mail, and (possibly) the ability to store messages in an inbox, for viewing later. This lobe has write + only need to write the name of the player to send the message, or maybe only a little. Come if i get som replais so i know some one will use it. [b]Bugs[/b] Please Report bugs to me if there bugs...

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