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WCS: Python Poseidon Race ScreenShot

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WCS: Python Poseidon Race - Version 2.4

posted on 2008-03-16 00:54:03
by bonbon



The third race of the WCS: Python Olympus God race series. This race is 100% origional with extremely cool effects, with an extremely awsome ultimate. The best one yet! This is also a very cool race in the fact that it depicts him how he would have been Skills: Abbundent Resources - Recieve health bonuses for an abbundent ammount of resourcess Dolphin Strike - You call upon Dolphins to blast your enemies with ice cold water chance 2-14% Ability: Fishes Delight - Send a wave of fish where you're looking +ability to use Ultimate: Trident's Wrath - Create an earthquake and Tidal Wave with your Trident. Hold down +ultimate to charge

Version Notes For 2.4

Updated on: 2008-05-14 01:18:44 EST by bonbon

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