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Objectives - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-11-30 20:56:43
by |TFR|Acid


The Objectives plugin allows each team to vote on a Team Leader. The Team Leader can place objective markers (colored smoke) anywhere on the map and manage players through an easy menu. This script is designed to mimic the objective markers that can be set by Commanders in the Battlefield series. Voting will automatically restart when a Team Leader switches teams or leaves. Each player then has access to a compass to point them to objectives they are assigned to, as well as a small HUD box that shows the name and color of the objective and other players in their squad. The Team Leader can access the menu by typing "$obj" in chat. Bind "+obj_compass" to any key, and the compass will show around your feet whenever you hold down the key. See it in action over at Teamwork! - TF2 ( For full documentation, please visit [url][/url]


Upload to /tf2/addons/eventscripts/Objectives/ Config: [code] # settings admin_start = False # can only admins can start objectives via rcon (obj_start and obj_end commands)? max_objectives = 4 # maximum number of objectives each team can have at one time min_players = 1 # players needed to start the plugin # possible objective colors for each team, chosen randomly. Be sure to have at least [max_objectives] entries in each one redteam_colors = {'Red': [255, 0, 0], 'Yellow': [255, 255, 0], 'Orange': [255, 140, 0], 'Purple': [153, 50, 205]} bluteam_colors = {'Blue': [0, 0, 255], 'Azure': [0, 255, 255], 'Green': [0, 255, 0], 'Magenta': [255, 0, 255]} votetime = 15 # seconds for voting for a TL # if your server is lagging, try increasing one or both of these hudupdatetime = 5 # how often to update the HUD overlay in seconds compassupdatetime = 0.1 # how often to re-draw the compass in seconds # possible objective names that populate the Add Objective menu. Users can specify their own names through the console command obj_names = ['Attack', 'Defend', 'Sentry', 'Sap', 'Cover', 'Snipe', 'Alpha', 'Bravo', 'Charlie', 'Delta', 'Echo'] [/code]

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2008-11-30 20:56:43 EST by |TFR|Acid
[list] [*]First public release [*]Contains debug text to display what caused Objectives to restart a vote [/list]

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