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NoZoom - Version 1.6

posted on 2011-07-26 22:02:17
by Ayuto


[b]Features:[/b] [LIST] [*]Mapname filter [*]Map type filter [*]Weapon filter [*]Adminfunction [*]Multi-language support (English, German, Danish, Dutch) [/LIST] [code]// ******************* // NoZoom Settings // ******************* // Set the admins, who are allowed to turn NoZoom on/off. nz_admins "STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx, STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx" // Set the command to turn NoZoom on/off. nz_cmd "!nz" // Set the maptypes, where players cannot zoom. nz_maptypes "fy, awp, zm, aim, ba, gg, surf" // Set the specific maps, where players cannot zoom nz_maps "de_dust2, de_dust, cs_office" // Set the weapons, which cannot zoom. nz_weapons "awp, scout, sg550, g3sg1, sg552, aug" // Available weapons: // awp // scout // sg550 // g3sg1 // sg552 // aug[/code]


1. Extract the folder to ../css/cstrike/ 2. Place this in your autoexec.cfg file and change map:[code]es_load nozoom[/code] 3. Edit the new created configuration file in .../addons/eventscripts/nozoom

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