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Mute Sage - Version V0.91

posted on 2010-01-30 15:39:25


Features: -When you join you are muted if your player key value is set to not muted. -When you die you get muted if your player key value is set to not muted. -When you spawn you get un-muted if your player key value is set to muted. -If enabled in config when dead type something it appears like so while muted by mani. -[Example: +DEAD+ <playername>: <text>] -Deadchat has to modes one for chat going to both dead and alive players or the other where dead chat only gos to dead. -If player's steamid is in ms_notmutedable in the .cfg file they wont be muted and if dead chat is enabled dead chat wont effect them. -A setting in the .cfg file called ms_manispam if set to 0 you wont see (CONSOLE) : Muted <playername>. If set to one you will see that. -A setting in the .cfg called ms_dontshowtext if dead chat is enabled dead chat wont say commands/text that is in the setting. -[Example: if it were to be set to ms_dontshowtext "stop!," and someone typed stop! that wont appear.] -[Useful to block slient commands or to block commands such as @menu] Verison - 0.91 Reqs: -EventScripts: 2.0 or higher. -Mani Admin Plugin [V1.2 T Legacy Source Engine] (Lower Verisons Wont Work) Instructions: [code]-Add script folder to [cstrike/addons/eventscripts/] -Find you autoexec.cfg[cstrike/cfg/] -Add to the bottom this line [es_load mutesage] -Restart Server.[/code] Default Config -> // ____________________________ // | _ | // | __ __ __ _|_ o __ | // |(___ (__) | ) | | (__| | // | __/ | // |--------------------------- //Credit->ascii art from ASCII Text Maker tool. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Mute Settings///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Not Muteable People//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //People who you want not muted or////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //People you dont want the pesky thing saying that were even tho they have mute immunity/// //Seperate steamids by commas ","///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Example : ms_notmutedable "STEAM_0:0:3771609,STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXX,"///////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ms_notmutedable "STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXX," ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Mani Settings///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////// //Mani Console Advert////////////// //Do you want mani to say///////// //(CONSOLE): Muted <playername>// //0 = off 1 = on//////////////// /////////////////////////////// ms_manispam 0 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Dead Chat Settings//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////// //Mute Sage Dead Chat///////////// //Enabler//////////////////////// //When dead what ever you type// //gets shown while muted/////// ////////////////////////////// ms_dcenable 1 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Dead Chat Mode///////////////////////////////////// //1 = Dead Only///////////////////////////////////// //0 = All////////////////////////////////////////// //Dead only is dead text only gos to dead people// //All is dead text gos to alive people aswell//// //////////////////////////////////////////////// ms_dcmode 0 //////////////////////////////////////////// //Command/Text Blocker///////////////////// //What text/commands you dont///////////// //Want appearing in deadchat///////////// //Seperate text/commands by commas ","// /////////////////////////////////////// ms_dontshowtext "changerace,myprivateraces,wcsmenu,wcs,shopmenu,bet t all,bet ct all,top10,rank,wcstop10,spendlevels,levels,showxp,raceinfo,ability,ultimate,playerinfo,!orders,!screens,!screen,!screenmenu,freekill,he freekilled me,i got freekilled,freekilled,@menu," //DO NOT DELETE THIS IS FOR CHECK. echo "-=-Mute Sage Config Loaded-=-" Release Info -> //=================================== //===========[Mute Sage]============= //============By Shidobu============= //=================================== //*****************Changelog********* // 1/31/10 -> // -Public Release of V 0.91 Build 1 // --Updated script to use and store steamids instead. // 1/30/10 -> // -Public Release of V 0.90 Build 1 // --Fixed few errors. Plus redid deadchat // 1/30/10 -> // -Public Release of V 0.81 Build 1 // --Fixed few errors and not relying on es_tools....... // 1/30/10 -> // -Public Release of V 0.8 Build 1 // 1/28/10 -> // -V 0.1 Build 1 Started //****************End of Log********* //=================================== //****************Bugs*************** // "Mute Mess" // -If a admin mutes a player that player's muted status does not change in which case if the player dies the player is unmuted and if the player spawns the player is muted. // --Fix // ---Un-mute player when alive or mute player while dead. // "Mute Wanter" // -Rarely sometimes a player is muted when he/she spawns and un-muted when he/she dies. // --Fix // ---Just Un-mute/Mute depending on player if he/she is mute/notmuted. // ----*Status* Fixed havnt got reports of it currently. //=================================== 1.2 T Mani Admin Plugin OnlyAnylower verisons wont work Topic ""


Download the Attachment, Save it to your Desktop easy way to find it... Open the zip/rar file... and add the mutesage folder into your eventscripts folder inn "cstrike/addons/eventscripts-" After you done that, go to your cstrike/cfg And open the cfg file called autoexec.cfg. add the line es_load mutesage then restart your server.

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Version 0.91 1 comming soon.

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