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MedicalKit - Version 2.1

posted on 2009-07-02 16:11:00
by Kana


Player Chat Commands: [b]!use[/b] (Use the medkit) [b]!give[/b] (Give Menu) [b]!kit[/b] (Main Menu) [b]!info[/b] (Info Menu) Players can give their medkits to near friends. USE YOUR MEDICAL KIT IN A CRITICAL SITUATION. [u][b]YOU RECEIVE THE LIFE 3 SECONDS AFTER USE THE KIT![/b][/u] , for more realism. You can change it. The medkit standard life is 25


Put medkit folder in [u]"cstrike/addons/eventscripts"[/u] Add to your server [u]autoexec.cfg[/u] [syntax="es"] es_load medkit [/syntax] Some configs are added to the new settings.cfg : Life given by the kit Enable/Disable sounds Enable/Disable medkit buy at spawn MedKit price if medkit_buy is enabled Time until you get healed after using the kit It should work good but it's still [b]beta[/b] version , if you find any error or bug please tell me and i will try to fix it ^^"

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2010-01-15 14:33:54 EST by Kana (View Zip Contents)
- Added Auto-Scream when your life is lower than the value set to the medkit_scream_life variable. - Added round_start commands help message.

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