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LeapFrog - Version 1

posted on 2011-08-31 11:18:11
by Fnuggi


With this add-on you can leap a long distance, if you jump while crouched! [b]Configuration[/b] You can change the force the user is pushed with. You can change, a minimum delay between each leap. (The value should be equalto or higher than 1.0) (This is to prevent bunnyjumping. If you want to bhop, get a bhop boost :P) And you can also change whether you want it to play a sound when you leap. [b]Sound[/b] You can change the standard frog-croak sound. Just get a .wav file and rename it to frog.wav Then replace the file at ...\cstrike\sound\leapfrog\frog.wav Bare in mind that not all files will work properly. [b]Known bugs[/b] Trigger_teleport, trigger_hurt and other map triggers, will not work while leapfrog is loaded. Sadly :( [b]Lastly[/b] Enjoy and Have Fun! :)


Extract to ...\cstrike folder. Open the file and edit the config. Add [code]es_xload leapfrog[/code] into your cstrike\cfg\autoexec.cfg file Finally restart your server and you're done!

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Updated on: 2011-08-31 11:18:11 EST by Fnuggi
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