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Schubaal's KnifeP3N *KnifeP3N 5 released!* ScreenShot

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Schubaal's KnifeP3N *KnifeP3N 5 released!* - Version 5.1.0

posted on 2007-12-09 02:52:34
by Schubaal


When there's only one player left on each team, knife battles ensue! I've kept the name in honor of its creator, P3N, who unfortunately no longer has the time to support the addon. [b]Notes:[/b] [list][*]KnifeP3N 4 will no longer be updated and is NOT included in the v5 downloads. If, for whatever reason, you are not running ES2, you can download the last stable release of KP4 (4.6.3c) [url=]here[/url]. [*]ES_Tools is needed for complete functionality of beacon, though it is not absolutely necessary (beacon size just won't matter, as there will be no visual aspect to the beacon). [/list]

Version Notes For 5.1.0

Updated on: 2010-02-28 13:31:19 EST by Schubaal (View Zip Contents)
[list][*][b]Fixed:[/b] If a player disconnects while he or she is participating in a knife fight, it will no longer slay everyone at the beginning of the following round [*][b]Fixed:[/b] Loading the cfg will now also strip tabs as well as excess spaces [/list]

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