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Knife Invisible - Deagle War - Version 1.1b

posted on 2007-09-04 09:01:32
by imsobad



Key settings: users can type "!inv" or "bind key "say !inv" " to activate the invisibility + knife for 15 sec. You can Only use invisibilty twice every Round. Requirements: Eventscripts 1.5+ ES_Tools v.418 Installation: Copy folder kkinv into the eventscript directory from the zip'd file. This script requires the following in your autoexec.cfg Code: es_load mb_kkinv // recommended to change map so all users get popup! * * * IF mani_admin_plugin with es_tools you should run it threw metamod !!! * * * see fix: [WORKAROUND] How to fix Mani not working with EST [url][/url] Thanks: Thanks to all the people for helping me: "OldManCan'tFight" for the mod idea and the push Everyone in the IRC channel who helped me allot, "Anomaly" who really pointed me and walked me threw it. All the scripts I look at to learn I can't mention one because I learned from each one allot and Mattie's wonderful forum.

Version Notes For 1.1b

Updated on: 2007-09-05 02:26:38 EST by imsobad (View Zip Contents)
fixed dead people running !inv

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