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Killstreaks [Python] - Version v0.1.4

posted on 2011-11-26 16:13:34
by Predz

Requires: Eventscripts Orangebox [v2.1]


This Mod allows for people to gain rewards for getting long chains of kills without dieing. Once you die your Streak is reset.


You can have unlimited Killstreaks on a Server and they can last for however long you like. This is by using the INI file format to allow you to have a simple but effective config. The "killstreaks.cfg" is useless at the moment because all of the configuration is done inside the "killstreaks.ini", and before you do anything. Do NOT edit the "commands.ini" unless you know what you are doing! The Killstreaks INI is very simple as I will show below: [code] ## Killstreaks INI [Killstreaks] ## [[Example]] ## kills = <amount of kills to trigger> ## command = <command to run on trigger> (Use "ks_userid" for the Player who gained the Killstreak) ## msg = <the message to send to the player> ## name = <the name shown in the menu> [/code] There is a Example below: [code] ## Killstreaks INI [Killstreaks] [[Rand Wep]] kills = 7 command = "es_rand ks_tmp 1 2; if (server_var(ks_tmp) = 1) then es_give server_var(ks_userid) weapon_m4a1; if (server_var(ks_tmp) = 2) then es_give server_var(ks_userid) weapon_ak47" msg = "Spawn a Random Weapon" name = "Random Weapon" [/code]

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Updated on: 2012-02-13 19:44:19 EST by Predz

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