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Hide & Seek Mod (Offical Mod) - Version 10

posted on 2009-09-03 23:38:49
by MrScriptaz



NOTE: IF THE LINK IS BROKEN PLEASE GO TO MY FORUMS AND DOWNLOAD IT FROM THERE: COME ON GUYS JUST CLICK THAT +WOOT BUTTON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!! This is the proper hide & seek mod, version 10, there is heaps of mods inside it that are listed below. ADDED MODS. anticheat day and night dissolver EinsMenu EinsMenuHelper hidenseek solid hurt unsend vampire whitle


Download the zip to your desktop, connect to your ftp client, Example "Filezilla", then open the zip you downloaded then open it highlight all the folders in side example, Addons Cfg Sound then drag the highlighted folders over to your ftp click and let it go on the cstrike folder, then it will start extracting on your game server. now what you have to do now is go into cstrike folder in your ftp client, now click cfg folder, and drag your autoexec.cfg or your server.cfg to your desktop and add the commands below es_load anticheat es_load dayandnight es_load dissolver es_load EinsMenu es_load EinsMenuHelper es_load hidenseek es_load hurt es_load solid es_load unsend es_load vampire es_load whistle now save it and drag your autoexec.cfg or your server.cfg back into the cfg folder. Edit the hidenseek.cfg in the cfg folder, and restart your server. Have fun!!

Version Notes For 10

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