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WCS: Python Hera Race ScreenShot

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WCS: Python Hera Race - Version 1.9

posted on 2008-03-19 18:31:05
by bonbon


Tags: css Gods Magic


A completely new WCS: Python Race based on greek mythology with cool and origional effects Skills: Wrath Of The Angry Wife - Super Slap your attacker when you die chance 0-18% Pomegrant Delight - A narcotic that you carry may make your enemies fall asleep Deadly Looks - Freeze your attackers with your stunning looks Ultimate: Protective Husband - Call upon Zeus to hail a lightning storm around you

Version Notes For 1.9

Updated on: 2008-03-28 00:47:50 EST by bonbon
fixed some random error (litteraly with random numbers :P)

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