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Headcrab Mod 1.1.5 - Version 1.1.5

posted on 2011-02-15 11:25:40
by Bioko

Requires: - est4css - Source Python Extensions


[LIST] [*]A horde of 50 headcrabs leaded by the artificial inteligence and which grow each time a player join the server. [*] Headcrabs can zombify at any momments the players (who play as combines) to become zombines. [*]After that the players succed to annihilate 50 headcrabs, the boss headcrab make their enter in the game [*]HE grenades and knifes do instant kill against headcrabs [*]Respawn and an optional infinite ammo avaible [*]Musics from Half-Life 2 played each round. [*]Fully customizable. [/LIST] In this Counter-Strike Source mod, the players fight as combine soldiers and must survive against the horde of headcrab controlled by the artificial intelligence. During each round, the number of headcrabs spawned in the map is equal to the number of players in the server plus three. So for instance, if there is 5 players connected on the server, then the mod will spawn 8 headcrabs in the opposite team ! Even if this system is also used as well with CSS Alien Wave and Zombies Invasion, Headcrab Mod does still remain unique !Headcrab Mod Screenshot When the players finaly manage to anihilate the headcrab horde, the king headcrabs make their entrances in the game. They are monstruous over sized headcrabs who can enduce a lot of damage before dying ! And the worst of all, it is that despite their size, they are as fast as you ! So even if the normal headcrabs are easy to kill (few bullets and you are done with them), the king headcrabs will need of another tactic to defeat them. But there is also another thing that make Headcrab Mod even more stressfull, it is that each time a player is being attacked by an headcrab, they can suddenly get transformed in a zombie (everybody know that headcrabs jump on heads to control their victims) ! So be careful when one of your team mate is attacked by headcrabs ! You migh see him the first time shooting on the head humpers, and then the second time running to you with a crab on his head in hurry to [url=][/url]


Check a very detailed guide here : [url=][/url]

Version Notes For 1.1.5

Updated on: 2011-02-15 11:25:40 EST by Bioko (View Zip Contents)
This version is the only one who is working perfectly with the Orange Box engine

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