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WCS: Python Hades Race ScreenShot

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WCS: Python Hades Race - Version 2.3

posted on 2008-03-14 14:24:59
by bonbon


Tags: css Gods Hades wcs


Well, I really like Greek Mythology, so this is my first Olympus God race (sequal?) It's completely origional and isn't boring. The races abilitys also match with what history depicts Hades as! Skills: Helm Of Darkness - A helmet given to you by the Cyclopes, which can make you invisible Riches Of The Earth - You possess the riches of the earth and gain money over time Scepter Of hades - Send a plague upon your victim chance 10-20% Seasons Of Phersephone - Each level you have Persephone spends another month of the year with you\n Making you more powerfull Deadly Pomegrant - Persuade people to eat the Pomegrant seads beside you causing them to stay in the underworld chance 20-60%

Version Notes For 2.3

Updated on: 2008-06-09 18:11:00 EST by bonbon
fixed linux crash thingy

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