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Fun Admin Skins - Version 0.7

posted on 2009-10-18 14:49:02
by dingodk


UPDATE: A NEW VERSION WILL SOON BE UP! This is my first UPLOADED script. With this script admins can change their skin. The currently skins are: 1. A Teletubbie. 2. The Spy from tf2. I did not maked theese skins but thank you to thoose guys that did it. I would add more skins if you like my addon. FIXED: I added the materials folder sry for forgetting that. UPS, Sry i think i forgot to upload the NEW file, but it is uploaded now. Sorry again.


Copied from the readme file: How to install: 1. Extract the folders (models and addons) to the cstrike folder. 2a. Go under addons/eventscripts/fas and open es_fas.txt and find the line (it is almost at the top) that says this: es_setinfo admins "STEAM_ID_LAN" 2b. change the STEAM_ID_LAN to the admins steamid that should allow to use the skins, seperate with ";" 3. Type "es_load fas" into your autoexec.cfg or server.cfg under the cfg folder (remove "" so it would be es_load fas) 4. Enjoy my addon!

Version Notes For 0.7

Updated on: 2010-01-26 15:39:59 EST by dingodk (View Zip Contents)
Models included: Spy from Team Fortress 2 Teletubbie. Im working on a new version.

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