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Explosive DeathMatch - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-02-28 15:52:51
by carbon-14



[size=24]Explosive DeathMatch[/size] [b]Carbon-14[/b] [b]Note: This requires the LATEST version of EST (420)[/b] [b]Explosive DeathMatch is a fun game to play, against bots or humans![/b] When a player is hurt by another player, they explode, killing everyone around them! Their ragdolls go flying in every direction! This script uses EST to modify the weapon names when a player dies. If he dies by an explosion, the name of the weapon is changed to 'explosion', rather than 'world' or 'env_explosion'. [b]Features:[/b] [b] -Pre-event modification of the weapon name -Random guns given at spawn -Quick, fast paced game-play -Explosion kills are credited properly -Includes a ESS version for reference/use[/b]

Version Notes For 1.0

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