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Experimental Admin - Version BETA 0.0.1

posted on 2011-06-19 15:33:23
by CrAzD

Requires: eventscripts OrangeBox v2.1.1.360


I was bored and wanted to make an admin mod that ran off of 1 command and figured out what you wanted to do from there. As well as have all the commands inside an ini file. Also the majority of the admin mod is threaded to help with performance. Although this is an experimental admin mod, it's full functional and everything works as expected, although bugs may popup. [b]::Features::[/b] Reserved Slot Admin Say, Chat Private Message Random Hostnames Spawn, Round and Death messages +others [b]::Command List::[/b] updateAll updateAdminCommands updateHostName updateMapList updateMsgSpawn updateMsgRound updateMsgDeath addAdmin addReserved removeAdmin removeReserved freeze unfreeze give set location name team teleport balance balanceTeams balanceKills ban unban map scramble kick vote voteMap voteMapRandom slap slay steam voteBan voteKick admins commands forum help mapList listMaps reserve rules servers


Extract to base csrike directory. es_load admin

Version Notes For BETA 0.0.1

Updated on: 2011-06-19 15:33:23 EST by CrAzD
BETA_0.0.1 -Initial BETA release

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