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ES_Hidden - Version 1.5

posted on 2007-12-17 18:45:21
by Jgcmember



[b]ES_HIDDEN[/b] By JGCmember (StzA) Original By Echo [u]Last Updated:[/u] December 26th, 2007 - V1.5 Addon Url: [b][size=9]Requirements & Instructions:[/size][/b] - EventScripts v1.5 - ES_Tools v.418+ - A server To install, unzip all of the files included in the zip file to the /cstrike directory of your SRCDS, Counter-Strike: Source installation. There are too varibles you can edit, dark_mode 0/1 off/on, will make the map very very dark. and the hiddens FOV. When unzipped, add the following to your autoexec.cfg file in your /cstrike/cfg folder: [syntax="es"]es_load hidden[/syntax] [b][size=9]Description:[/size][/b] What we have here is a Counter-Strike: Source version of the popular HL2 Multiplayer total conversion, Hidden: Source. For details on Hidden: Source gameplay, visit the official website at [url][/url] As a quick rundown, there's two teams, the IRIS and Subject 617. Subject 617 is wounded, only having 250 health, 100 kevlar, and a knife, but is nearly completely invisible, fast, and deadly. There's IRIS agents trying to search him out and destroy him, but the odds are in no one's favor. Who will win is up for grabs, and that is where you come in. [b][size=9]Information & Extra Features:[/size][/b] - 1 (Subject 617 - Terrorist) vs. 1-9(IRIS Agents - Counter-Terrorists). - No bots support at the moment; all players must be human. - Server is automatically configured with the best settings. It is not recommended to change these settings and doing so may cause some instability. - IRIS agents: [i]Get P90's, Have 125 Health[i] - Subject 617: [i]Has a Knife, Has 250 Health and is Invisble[i] [b]NEW FEATURES WITH THE REMAKE:[/b] - Custom Hidden Model (thanks to Elis). - Minor bug fixes. - Improved gameplay. - A New Dark Mode! [b]NEW FEATURES WITH THE 1.1:[/b] - The Hidden Now has weapon restrictions and can only use a knife [b]NEW FEATURES WITH THE 1.3:[/b] - The Hidden starts with 2 alpha now but everytime he gets hurt it adds 5 alpha (will be cfgable in the future) - A New Guns Menu for the IRIS (Humans) Team [b]NEW FEATURES WITH THE 1.5:[/b] - Hidden Feeding :) - Hidden Taunts - Bug Fixes - Class menu - !hidden commands ++ MORE MORE MORE [size=9][b]Coming soon[/b][/size] - New, custom maps. [size=9][b]Known Bugs/Errors:[/b][/size] [i]These will be taken care of in the next release.[/i] - No compatibility with bots (to be done later) [b]Credits and Thank Yous [/b] I would like to thank all who helped me with this mod and who provided resourced for the mod Echo - For the Originial Mod and letting me re-release it :) Freddukes - Lots of code help :) Elis - For making that tight hidden skin and the JGCclan for playing the mod with me and encouraging me to release it

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2007-12-26 15:55:16 EST by Jgcmember (View Zip Contents)
{ADDED} Hidden Feeding :) {ADDED} Hidden Taunts {FIXED} Bugs {ADDED} Class menu {ADDED} !hidden commands {ADDED} ++ MORE MORE MORE {ADDED} More sounds {REMOVED} Hidden Vision (temp fix)

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