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ZombieMod SpawnProtector By DreTaX ScreenShot

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ZombieMod SpawnProtector By DreTaX - Version 1.6

posted on 2012-08-16 13:11:22
by dretax14


[b]Hey guys! This is a special spawn protection what only protects ct's and only for zombiemod. Works great on my zriot server. But if you need a normal one you can find it on my account. [/b] [b]EST doesn't required anymore in 1.2[/b]


[i][b][/b][b]Before uploading, upload est4css and estcommands. Then add[/b] es_load estcommands es_load est_init To your autoexec.cfg [/i] [b]EST doesn't required anymore in 1.2[/b] [b]Plugin install:[/b] 1. Upload 2. Add es_load dretaxprotect to your autoexec.cfg 3. Done :D

Version Notes For 1.6

Updated on: 2013-10-25 07:16:34 EST by dretax14 (View Zip Contents)
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