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Dodge Ball Mod - Version 1.0.0

posted on 2013-04-07 00:09:45
by xundercoverx

Tags: css dodgeball


I coded this a few days back, and I thought it was ready for realease. So, here you all are. This is a dodge ball mod for any server. NOTE: In the code you'll see popup.addline("Welcome to [YOUR SERVER/CLAN NAME HERE]'s Dodge server!") Put your server/clan name in the [BLAHBLAH] thing. DO NOT EDIT ANY OTHER OF THE CODE. Disclaimer: You break the mod, you're fucked. I am not responsible. You may contact me via steam (My name is: EgN| xUnderCoverx). and I will fix it for you. But, please try not to break it. This mod was coded in ES Python, so any people who want to edit the code, feel free. IF you upload your edited code, please give me credit for the original work. If you'd like me to add anything for your server specifically, look me up on steam. My name is: EgN| xUnderCoverx


Put the in a new folder called "dball" in your addon>eventscripts folder. Then in the server console type, "es_load dball". Tahdah. It works.

Version Notes For 1.0.0

Updated on: 2013-04-07 00:09:45 EST by xundercoverx

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