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DeSlang - Version v1.0

posted on 2007-11-06 16:15:21
by JoeyT2006



[size=18][color=red][u][b]DeSlang v1.0[/b][/u][/color][/size] Created by [color=green]JoeyT2007[/color] [size=18][color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color][/size] [list][b][*][url=]EventScripts v2.0 or higher.[/url][/b][/list] [size=18][color=blue][b]Description:[/b][/color][/size] [list]Small mod with a large dictionary, all it does it search the text file for the word people are looking for, for example, if someone wants to know what lawl means, they could do this: !deslang lawl which would search the text file and find the meaning of lawl. [DeSlang] lawl: lauging out loud with a southern drawl[/list] [color=blue][size=18][b]Installation:[/b][/size][/color] [list]1. Extract the contents to your cstrike folder 2. In your autoexec.cfg file, put es_load deslang 3. Restart the server[/list] [size=18][color=blue][b]Download:[/b] [/color][/size] [list][b]:arrow: [url][/url][/b][/list] Yes I know most of these are acronymns...

Version Notes For v1.0

Updated on: 2007-11-06 16:15:21 EST by JoeyT2006 (View Zip Contents)
[color=blue][size=18][b]Version Notes:[/b][/size][/color] [list][u][b]Version 1.0[/b][/u] [*]Released to public.[/list]

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