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DOD GunGame 2 - Version 2.1

posted on 2008-10-01 20:32:14
by bament

Tags: dods GunGame


A update to the original DOD GunGame taking many elements from the Gungame 3 for CS:S plus a few other little bells and whistles. In summary updates to the original DODGunGame include: Warmup round with option for spades only Flags/Objectives removal HLStatsX stats support Map voting in game Random winner songs (selectable) Changing weapon order / game features (selectable) Multi-kill mode (selectable) Additional audio effects Has been well tested and received on my server: Gungame Extreme Edition II UK - Thanks: Big thanks to all the guys involved in the creation of the original CS:S games, Mattie, SuperDave, Freddukes and all the others here that have helped answer my sometime stupid questions! and everybody that has helped test this / give me ideas. I am sure the code could be improved (and re-written in python!) but that is beyond my level of expertise!! Until then I hope this is a refreshing and useful update to DOD Gungame servers! Requirements: Eventscripts for Orangebox (available here: Eventscripts must be installed on the server before trying to load the GunGame. If you need any help with this please post below and I will try and assist. Optional (functionality built-in but not essential): Mani Admin-Plugin SourceMod HLStatsX


After installing eventscripts.... 1. Copy the contents of the attached zip file to the relevant locations. e.g. \zip\addons\eventscripts\dodgungame2\*.* to \your server\orangebox\dod\addons\eventscripts\dodgungame2 \zip\addons\eventscripts\removeidle\*.* to \your server\orangebox\dod\addons\eventscripts\removeidle \zip\sound*.* to \your server\orangebox\dod\sound\*.* Change any game options as desired - these are shown at the top of the es_dodgungame2.txt and gg_additions\es_gg_additions.txt files. Add the following to your autoexec.cfg - es_load popup es_load dodgungame2 es_load removeidle Restart your server and I hope you enjoy!!

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2008-10-01 20:32:14 EST by bament (View Zip Contents)
Version 2.1 - First full public release.

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