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AutoName - Version 1.0.0

posted on 2010-06-09 21:58:50
by CoolJosh3k


When a player joins the server it checks the cfg text database name list. If the player is listed then it will automatically change their name. Great for server the represent a clan, by member have a differnet Steam Username than in the clan. Can also be used to automatically apply clan tags, this way players who share an account don't need to adjust their Steam Nickname.


This is a script for TF2 and SourceMod is required for it to work. Copy the file across into the addons and cfg folders, as per normal. If reinstalling the script or upgrading to a later version, don't replace the es_AutoName_db.txt file. The _db.txt is a default template for the name list and only is needed for the 1st install. To add members to the list, open up the es_AutoName_db.txt and edit it as you need. After updating the db you either need to restart your server or reload the script and changemap.

Version Notes For 1.0.0

Updated on: 2010-06-09 21:58:49 EST by CoolJosh3k (View Zip Contents)
The 1st release after having been tested and used for a while on my own server.

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