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AllTalkVote - Version 1.1.0

posted on 2010-06-05 12:18:54
by CoolJosh3k


When a user types "alltalk" into chat it will say whether alltalk is on (or off) and place a vote to change it. The percentage of votes required can be changed easily. ------


Copy the files into you server. You must place the following lines into your server.cfg file: es_unload AllTalkVote es_load AllTalkVote Errors will occur if those lines are missing. No server restart needed. ------

Version Notes For 1.1.0

Updated on: 2010-07-03 05:01:26 EST by CoolJosh3k (View Zip Contents)
Fixed up alot of code. The text messages displayed in chat is now more simple and easy to understand. Much simpler script than before, after cleaning up some code.

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