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Aliens vs Predator*UPDATED 1.5* ScreenShot

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Aliens vs Predator*UPDATED 1.5* - Version 1.5

posted on 2010-02-20 09:15:22
by Totyahun


Tags: css


[b]If you like it, +w00t ;)[/b] Mod by me ------------------------------------------------------------ [b]Forum link:[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------ Aliens: -Low Gravity -High Speed -Knife only -500 HP [b](now they can't use guns!!)[/b] Predator: 3 Class: Assault,Spec-Ops,Recon(Choose in popup) [b](Now the weapons get not deleted when a player spawn in CT team)[/b] Assault: -100 HP -100 Armor -Weapon: M249(Para),Desert Eagle Spec Ops: -150 HP -125 Armor -Weapon: MP5,USP Recon: -125 HP -100 Armor -Weapon: AWP,P228 [b]+Napalm Grenade(to burn the aliens) +Invisible skin!(with laser)[/b] Features: -Alien and Predator skin with custom features,just select in popup -RoundEnd sound(if predator and if alien win... with msg) -Predator vision : just type: !vision(aliens can't) -Dark sky -Hostage remove -Bomb Zone remove -BuyZone remove -C4 remove -... ------------------------------------------------------------ THX FOR: S-LOW,ICS-BASE,TECHKNOW FOR THE MODELS!(w00t :D) ------------------------------------------------------------ [b]I included the Models and the sounds![/b] [b]Do not use with bots,to avoid the server crash![/b]


Copy and Paste this to your autoexec.cfg --> es_load avpmod

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2010-02-26 10:07:07 EST by Totyahun (View Zip Contents)
-Fixed bug,when the player spawn and remove the CT's weapon

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