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Alien Wave 1.50 ScreenShot

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Alien Wave 1.50 - Version 1.50

posted on 2011-02-15 10:54:58
by Bioko

Requires: - Eventscripts 2.1.1 or greater - est4css - Source Python Extensions


[b]VIDEO [/b]: [url=][/url] [LIST] [*]A horde of aliens leaded by the artificial inteligence and which depend of the number of human player connected on the server. [*]Many game mods and ability to complete normal objectives (humans must plant bombs and de_ maps and rescues hostages on cs_ maps). [*]Advanced buying menu with 3 suits (each one adding different amount of health and speed), weapons menu classed by category and extra equipments (like anti-gravity). [*]3 race of aliens with differents health and speed. [*]Napalm and Freezing grenade (for HE and Flashbang grenades). [*]Many respawn modes and an optionnal infinite ammo. [*]Musics from Half-Life 2 played each round. [*]Fully customizable. [/LIST] To be short, it does transform a basic Counter-Strike Source server to a bloody alien rampage ! The human team must survive and defeat the horde of aliens leaded by the artificial intelligence. What make this mod cool it is that you can continue playing while having the objective of CSS (on de_ maps you must plant the bomb on the bombsite defend by aliens, on cs_ maps you have to rescue the hostages...) ! For instance, if you play in de_dust2, the players will be moved to the terrorist team so they will have to plant the bomb on the bombsites defended by the aliens who are in the counter-terrorist team. The advanced buying menu system allow the players to buy one of the three suits avaible (the more expensive the suit is the more speed and health you will gain), choose their weapons classed by category (for free), and also they can buy extra equipments like the anti-gravity for high jump. There is also many additional functionality such as the infinite ammo, the different alien races... The best musics of Half-Life 2 are played each round (and they don't need to be downloaded by the players because they are in the Source Engine gcf !). Also, the admins can configure everything in the mod ! From the number of aliens who must be added each time a new player join the server, the health and speed of each class, the respawn mode and even the ability for players to play as an alien ! In fact, it is fully configurable and each server can offer a different game play experience. I have also made many maps for this mod, and all of them was rated from 08/10 to 10/10 by the community ! [url=][/url]


Check a very detailed guide here : [url=][/url]

Version Notes For 1.50

Updated on: 2011-02-15 10:54:58 EST by Bioko (View Zip Contents)
The mod is now working perfectly with the Orange Box Engine

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