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Alien Wave 1.35 FIXED  ScreenShot

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Alien Wave 1.35 FIXED - Version 1.35

posted on 2009-03-25 11:31:16
by Bioko



[img][/img] Alien Wave mod is a complete modification for Counter-Strike : Source where you will have to fight for the first time against a horde of aliens who will be happy to shred you in a small pieces ! But the best things in this mod is to be able of complete normal objectives and also to have many Spawn Modes ! Don't forget to visit our Web site where you will can find a lot more (maps pack, new versions...) ! What is new from version 1.30 ? - Added a new gamemode "Contamination", good for zm maps - Added a LOT of new sounds - Added a new human models - Added many popups - Added ICE grenade - Added more ends round - Fixed a security fail - Fixed spawnmode "Infection" - Fixed the bug where you can't see your weapon - Fixed a lot of minor bugs - Optimised the mod (again) With this version, the mod is also more fun and less boring ! Just change maps nearly all 15-30 mins and enjoy !

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