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Auto Team Balancer - Version 1.0.3

posted on 2008-05-16 23:00:29
by dbozan99

Tags: css


This script takes the Average KDR for each team over a set amount of rounds and, if necessary, switches A RANDOM player from the winning team to the losing team. Note that the team switch chooses a random player. Finding out which player would be the best to try and equal out the other team would be WAY too much coding, if computations like that would even possible with EventScripts.


Simply add the line: es_load ATB To your autoexec.cfg for Quick and Easy Setup. If necessary, open the script and edit the config to meet your needs. // Set This To How Many Rounds Are Calculated In To The KDR Averaging. // This Is Also How Often The Check Is Performed. [Default = 5] es_xset ATB_rounds 5 // Set This To The Minimum Ammount Of Average Team KDR Difference Before A Random Team Switch Is Performed. // Please Note Than When The Check Is Performed, It Only Takes Into Account The Last ____ Rounds That happened. // (Depending On What ATB_rounds Is Set To.) [Default = 0.35] es_xset ATB_diff 0.35 // Set The Minimum Amount Of People You Want On Each Team Before A Switch Will Happen. // (To Prevent An Entire Team vs. Nobody) [Default = 2] es_xset ATB_minteamsize 2 // Set This To 1 To Announce When The Next Test Is. // (At The Beginning Of The Round.) [Default = 0] es_xset ATB_announce 0

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