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Ace Clan Match *Updated 16 June 2007*

posted on 2005-06-19 12:59:43
by Ace Rimmer


[color=darkred]NOW FEATURES MENU CONTROL[/color] Clan Match Script Options: Knife round on or off Overtime round on match draw on or off Number of round per section (half) Password Server name Demos Gets team tags from user input Keeps track of scores and also posts scores to server host name Auto demo recording (to server ftp or your local machine root cstrike folder) Demo will have name of map and date etc. Demo will only work if Source TV is on. Auto team swapping TONS more... All fully customisable [b]Requirements:[/b] Event Scripts v1.0 or higher Mani Admin [b]INSTALLATION:[/b] [color=blue]Download the .rar file [list]Extract the folders exactly as they are in the rar file. [i]../addons/eventscripts/ace_match/es_ace_match.txt[/i] Edit the configuration options in the file [b]es_ace_match.txt[/b] to your liking (see below) Edit the section labelled [b]block unload[/b] and [b]block reload[/b] to stop / restart any scripts that you would not wish to run in a match. (see my examples in the file). Have fun playing your fully automated match[/list] [/color] DO NOT ADD "es_load" line in autoexec.cfg PLEASE do the following prior to playing a match: Someone with rcon access types- [b]rcon es_load ace_match[/b] [size=18]Then in player chat [b]acematch[/b] to begin the match menu[/size] After playing: Someone with rcon access types- [b]rcon es_unload ace_match[/b] or restart server. [b]Here are the editable parameters to set the default menu settings, you do not need to edit anything except the server name and password if you don't want to[/b] [code]// CONFIG AREA ONLY CHANGE THE SETTINGS IN THIS SECTION // // DO YOU WANT TO FREEZE ALL PLAYERS WHILE YOU ARE OPERATING THE MENU? // TO AVOID PLAYERS MESSING AROUND OR OTHER MENUS COMING UP WHILE YOU ARE ADJUSTING SETTINGS // SET TO 1 = FREEZE / 0 = DON'T FREEZE (OR COMMENT OUT THE LINE) ma_freeze #all 1 // ENTER YOUR SERVER NAME HERE - DO NOT ENTER CLAN TAGS // TEAM NAME AND SCORES WILL BE APPENDED TO THIS WHEN MATCH STARTS // EXAMPLE BELOW WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS IN SERVER BROWSER // RNR - ACEMATCH - TEAM A (0) - TEAM B (0) // DO NOT ENTER ANY OTHER INFO OTHER THAN THE MAIN SERVER NAME (IN MY CASE RNR) // ALSO IF YOU HAVE A BRANDED SERVER YOU SHOULD ADD THE BRANDING HERE es_xset servername ":R&R: UK: " //CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD FOR MATCH // WHATEVER IS IN BETWEEN THE SPEECH MARKS IS YOUR PASSOWRD FOR THE MATCH // DEFAULT IS "match" sv_password "rnrmatch" // DO YOU WANT TO PLAY KNIFE ONLY ROUND BEFORE MATCH STARTS? // 0 = NO 1 = YES es_xset ace_match_knife 1 // DO YOU WANT TO PLAY OVERTIME OF // ONE EXTRA ROUND IF THE MATCH IS A DRAW? // 0 = NO 1 = YES es_xset ace_overtime 1 // OVERTIME ROUND HAS NO BOMB / HOSTAGES / 9 MINS ROUND / GIVE MONEY SET BELOW // (1 = NO OBJECTIVE / GIVE MONEY / EXTEND ROUND TIME TO 9 MINS / 0 = NORMAL ROUND WITH OBJECTIVE) es_xset ace_special_ot 1 // GIVE MONEY ON OVERTIME ROUND (AMOUNT - DEFAULT = 800) es_xset ace_ot_cash 3800 // ROUND TIME OF SPECIAL OVERTIME es_xset ot_roundtime 5 // SET THE DEFAULT NUMBER OF ROUNDS YOU WANT PER SECTION // DEFAULT IS 12, SIMPLY CHANGE THE NUMBER TO HOWEVER MANY ROUNDS // YOU WANT IN EACH SECTION OF THE MATCH es_xset rounds_per_half 12 // DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE![/code] [color=darkred][b]Instructions for playing a game:[/b] To start the match[/color] [color=blue]Player with admin ability to run mani rcon commands types [b]acematch[/b] in player chat area. This player will be the one who controls the menu. [img][/img] Press the keys to cycle through options. Press the 5. key to start the match. Press the 0. key to exit the menu and quit the match resetting all variables. [/color] [color=darkred]Auto mode (auto mode not fully working after latest update): This will start a match where players DO NOT have to type "ready" (see below) in order to play on after the knife round (if you have one). Instead there will be a 60 second warm-up period after knife round. Or 60 second warm-up before round 1. After 3 restarts knife round will begin. (If you set the option to play knife round). At any point now (until end of 1st section) ONE player from each team can type [b]tag[/b] followed by a clan tag. e.g. [b]tag [RnR][/b] Play the knife round. At the end the winner will be announced and you will then have chance for ONE player from each team to type [b]ready[/b]. As soon as that is done the 1st section (half) will begin. If you do not play knife round AND you have not started with Auto mode. One player from each team must type ready before the match begins. After both teams are ready there will be 3 restarts and a bell will ring. The match then begins. You are constantly updated with score and info. Any player can type [b]score[/b] at any time to get the current score. The score is also shown on your server host name. [img][/img] After the 1st half (section) the auto screenshots are taken, players will swap automatically and there will be 3 more restarts, the 2nd half (section) will begin after the bell. At the end of the match the total is announced. Screenshots taken and demo stopped. [img][/img] If it is a draw AND you have set the option for an overtime round. There will be one more round to decide the winner. If you wish to stop the match early, a player with admin ability to run mani rcon commands types [b]stopmatch[/b] in player chat area. Also use this command if you have accidentally started the match with the wrong settings. Or you can simply change your map (even if it is back to the same map).[/color] NB. This script will NOT WORK with Mani War Mode ON. Sorry. [color=green] This script now replaces all older version and I fully recommend everyone using the older version to update now. You must also be using Event Scripts Version or higher.[/color][b][/b]