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3D-Zombie - Version 2.0

posted on 2011-11-07 09:47:06


[b][u] 3D Zombie[/u][/b] The 3D-Addon activates a 3D-Mode for your zombies! You can switch between the automatic and the manuel mode. [u] Automatic: [/u] --Insert your Zombie-Models in the 3D-Zombie-Config.cfg --When you become a zombie you will turn into the 3D-Mode [u] Manuel: [/u] --Activate the 3D-Mode with +3rd --Deactivate the 3D-Mode with -3rd [German] Mit dem 3D-Addon seht ihr eure Zombies in 3D! Es gibt zwei Einstellungen: Automatisch und Manuell [u] Automatisch: [/u] --Füge die Zombie-Models in die 3D-Zombie-Config.cfg ein --Wenn ein Spieler zum Zombie wird aktiviert sich automatisch der 3D-Modus [u] Manuell: [/u] --Aktiviere den 3D-Modus mit +3rd --Deaktiviere den 3D-Modus mit -3rd [b][u]Currend Version[/u][/b] 2.0 [u][b]Games:[/b][/u] Counter Strike Source [b][u]Mods:[/u][/b] Zombie Mod [b][u]Commands:[/u][/b] +3rd -3rd [b][u]Test-Server:[/u][/b] [url=steam://connect/][/url]


Just copy the addon-folder in your main folder! Activate the script with "es_load 3dzombie" or write the command into your autoexec.cfg For customizing open the cfg file and edit the configlines! The Config-File is cfg/ [code] //Just paste the models of your zombies in the Config-File //Example: // es_xset zombie1 "models/player/elis/ud/undead.mdl" //Zombie I es_xset zombie1 "" //Zombie II es_xset zombie2 "" //Zombie III es_xset zombie3 "" //Zombie IV es_xset zombie4 "" //Zombie - MotherZombie / Zombie V es_xset zombiemz "" //Force zombies to get into the 3D-Mode (0=Off / 1=On) es_xset force3d 1 [/code]

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