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Makes players lose health and emit blood as well as a pain sound every few seconds after being hurt. Requires only ES

CheapBleed Details Version: 7
Updated:2008-09-14 21:19:48
Downloads: 6392

by sea212
A script, that's gonna make you feeling like you got really blasted away by a he grenade when you get hit by it ingame. if you want to try it, the radius is splitted in 5 parts, better throw near you [... more in Description] * added video

Realistic HE Details Version: 1.4f
Updated:2009-05-20 14:26:35
Downloads: 12063

Provides human body destroying by explosion with blood and body parts effects (Updated for OrangeBox!)

Explosion Gibs Details Version: 1.2a
Updated:2010-10-31 08:59:19
Downloads: 9492

Based on Mattie's

Blood Addon for HL2DM Details Posted: 2006-05-05 19:42:51


Bleed Details Posted: 2006-07-21 01:23:15

Flaming Skull Nades Screenshot
Turns nades into flaming skulls , emits blood on bounce as well as when it explodes.

Flaming Skull Nades Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2011-03-18 12:17:32
Downloads: 2822

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