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Ability to throw knives -- Finally!

[V1.0.4b][Last Update: 5/25/07]Dagger Mod Details Version: 1.0.4b
Updated:2007-07-11 22:44:42
Downloads: 10237

This mod adds the function to drop the knife! Just press G while you are holding your knife to drop it.

knifedrop Details Version: 1.6 FINAL
Updated:2008-04-04 16:16:01
Downloads: 12964

Flying Blade Screenshot
This addon gives players the ability to throw their knifes a specific amount of time. Damage done by the knife, sound, rotation of the blade, its color and other settings can easily be configured.

Flying Blade Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2014-01-25 19:18:12
Downloads: 6847

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