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Version: 1.4
Updated on:
2007-10-20 19:44:00 by killergp123
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Version Notes:
[size=16][color=green]Script Changes:[/size][/color] [color=blue]V1.4 Added: -Each bot has a random model chosen for him on each spawn -3 new models: Beer Bottles, traffic cones, wrenches -If a player is new to server, his initial model is chosen at random, instead of always being turtles V1.3 Fixes: It no longer sends popup twice, made a stupid error in code before. Changes: It now uses clientcmd for !headshot, so when someone types it it doesn't come into chat anymore. It now saves the person's choice, so their last chosen model is there on every map, until they type !headshot to change it. If it is your first time in the server, it sends you a message telling you to type !headshot to select model. No longer need the baby model in download.txt. Added: 3 new models: Computers, Head Crabs, and Watermelons. V1.2: Added: new model baby. V1.1: Changed: Snowman heads now are the ones with faces on them V1.0: Initial release[/color]
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